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Arroyo de la Miel - Benalmadena - Torremolinos

Criminal lawyers in benalmadena

Alba & Luna Criminal Lawyers in Benalmádena – Arroyo de la Miel

We represent our clients in the Courts of Instruction, Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts, Supreme Court and in the last instance at the Constitutional Court.


Assistance at the police station.


Assistance for minors in the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.


We act both as defence lawyers and as private prosecutors.

Alba & Luna Criminal Lawyers Benalmádena
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Alba & Luna Criminal Lawyers Benalmadena
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    • Misappropriation.
    • Theft and Robbery.
    • Fraud and Deception.
    • Coercion, Threats and Harassment.
    •  Forgery.
    •  Fraud.
    • Experts in the defence of minors.
    • Assistance for minors before the juvenile prosecutor’s office.
    • Criminal impersonation.
    • False denunciation offence.
    • Money laundering.
    • Non-payment.
    • Punishable insolvency offences – Asset stripping.
    • Economic fraud.
    • Real estate fraud.
    • Embezzlement of funds.
    • Internet scams.
    • Internet fraud.
    • Drug trafficking.
    • Offences against the Public Treasury.
    • Offences against Social Security.
    • Request for pardons and provisional release.

Alba & Luna ABOGADOS Inmobiliarios Torremolinos.
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What rights do you have and what can you request when you are detained by the police in Benalmádena?

Any person detained by any member of the State security has the right to act and to request the following:

  • Right not to make a statement.
  • Right not to answer questions.
  • Right to answer only before the judge.
  • The right not to testify about oneself and not to plead guilty.
  • Right to request a lawyer.
  • The right to request Habeas Corpus from your lawyer, that means, the right to be brought before a judge as soon as possible.
  • The right to be informed that you have been arrested and the place where you are being held.

Alba & Luna Criminal Lawyers in
Arroyo de la Miel
Would you like to speak directly to a lawyer?
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Recommendations about how to act in the event of a police arrest in Benalmádena:

  • Contact a criminal lawyer in Benalmádena – Arroyo de la Miel inmidiatly.
  • Keep in mind that any comment, talk in police or judicial dependencies before the police, civil guard, etc., can act against you. Never make a statement until you have been advised by your criminal lawyer.
  • The first phases of criminal proceedings are the main key, so we recommend that you contact a criminal lawyer with real experience, in order to make quick and correct decisions.
  • Tell your lawyer every detail, no matter how insignificant or embarrassing they are. Lawyer-client conversations are always private, but it is essential to know everything to guide the strategy.

Alba & Luna Abogados, Lawyers specialising in Criminal Law Benalmádena - Arroyo de la Miel

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