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We are an independent legal service to help foreignar people both to buy or to sell a property in Spain.

A notary does not guarantee the accuracy of statements made in a contract. This is the main reason to contract a lawyer to supervise, negociate and carry out the following checks, in order to avoid futures problems.

  • Confirming that the seller is the owner of the property, find out if the property is free of debt, and that the description of the property matches the seller’s description. If a property isn’t registered or has no deed you must be extremely cautious.
  • Ensuring our customer are buying in accordance with the Spanish law, to avoid this way future issues.
  • Deal with the seller the terms of the purchase.
  • Draft or review the pre-agreement.
  • Review that the seller’s mortgage, if any, was canceled.

Ready for the Closing

  • Before going to the notary: review all documents, and make all necessary preparations for the signing. This includes resolution of any issues that may come up, such as problems derived from cancellation of the seller’s mortgage, incorrect inscription of the property, and last minute requests from the bank regarding the mortgage.
  • Confirm that the seller’s mortgage, if any, has been canceled.
  • For a new construction, review the mortgage in case it has been subrogated from that established by the developer, or cancel it, and if necessary, propose a new mortgage.
  • For a new construction, we check all the construction licenses.

The Closing

  • Signing at the notary´s office.
  • If you are unable to be present at the closing, we would need a power of attorney to sign for you. You can take it either in a notary in Spain or at the Spanish Consulate.
  • Once the closing is completed, we follow up to ensure that the property is correctly registered at the Property Register.